Handwriting & Signature Identification Sydney

As nature ensures that no two things are exactly alike, neither are two person’s handwriting. A child when initially taught a particular handwriting system will copy the formations shown to them. From this moment on, the child starts to introduce their own individual writing habits into their handwriting.

Each child will perceive each letter slightly differently, and the end result will depend on each child’s ability. Every person develops a number of individual habits or personal characteristics in their handwriting which deviate in their own way from the style taught, and this is what makes handwriting identifiable.

When a sufficient number of a writer’s individual or personal characteristics are found between two writings and there are no significant differences, then an expert in this field can conclude that they were written by the same person. Although it may appear easy to recognise the handwriting from a relative or friend, it is usually because you recognise the style or class characteristics of that person’s handwriting.

Original handwriting and signatures are never a physical match, and vary through internal factors such as natural variation and the writer’s health and age, and external factors such as writing position and surface.

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